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Mattress Store in Torrance

During the millennia, part of Torvay's homeland was the area where Torrance was located. In 1784, Spanish King Carlos III, Juan José Dominguez, received Spanish land resource in Rancho San Pedro, California, in the state of California, which includes modern Torrance. It was later divested in 1846 when Governor Pio Pico secured Rancho de los Palos Verdes, Jose Loreto, and Juan Capistro Seppelvea, Alta-California, an independent Mexican one. In the early 1900s, Jared Sidney Torrance and other investors saw the value of creating a mixed industrial facility in southern Los Angeles. They have purchased a part of the old Spanish land grant and landscape architect, Frederick Low Olmsted Jr, to hire a planned community. As a result, the city was founded in 1912. In October and called Mr. Thor's. Torrance's city was officially incorporated in 1921. In May, the city was western western avenue from the west, the Del Amo Mountain, the Crenshaw Boulevard in the north, the west and the Plaza Del Amo, in the area where it meets Carcón and Karson West West Point, Plaza del Amo. The first residential avenue built in Torrance was Gram, the second Avenue Andreo. In 2012, these avenues turned out to be 100 years old. Both avenues are located in Torrance's Old Town. This part of Torrance is in the review phase as a historic district. Some of the former civil and residential buildings were designed by renowned architect of Southern California, Iving Gill, "Revival of Mission" and early modern architecture.

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