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Mattress Store in Temple City

The universe, which belongs to the son of the Pliny Fiske cathedral and the tenth, and William Workman's daughter, Anthony Margarita Estman, was born in Rancho La Merced, now a city of Montebello. This was the founder mission of San Gabriel, founded by the Franciscan fathers next to the rich garbage dump of the San Gabriel. Historically, the Rio de los Group, which means the "river of the earthquake," is known today as the Rio Hondo River. The temple had to build a community where ordinary people had the opportunity to live and to own their homes. Then he divided the area on the land and built a park that stood in Las Tungas. He called other streets for friends and family - Workman, Kaufman, Rowland, Temple and Agnes. The problems associated with the bonds initiated by the temple were responsible for the spread of streets and electricity. The Temple also appealed to the "Pacific Electric Railway Company", asking Los Angeles to expand the Albrother to Park City Park. The expansion of the railway contributed to the stable growth of the temple.

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