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Mattress Store in Tarzana

1919 In February, Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author of the well-known Tarzan reports, came to California with her family and moved to the Oaks Park. She and her family were twice in winter in Southern California, and she found the climate perfect. On March 1, Burroughs bought the Otis website and founded Tarzan Ranch. Burrows divorced and sold the land with neighboring small farmers for housing development, following the suit. The borders of the Tauranzas, measuring 8.79 square miles, are limited to the southwest of the Topangaga state park, in the east of Endino, in the north of Reseda and in the west of the Woodland Hills. Victory Boulevard marks the northern outskirts of Lindley Avenue on the eastern side, Corbin Avenue, runs to the west of Oakdale Avenue and the South Powder State Park. climate

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