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Mattress Store in Sylmar

In 1980, Silmar was mainly white, with 58% of white and 36% Spanish. Twenty-two years later, in 2000, the neighborhood was considered "moderate diverse" ethically in Los Angeles, which was relatively high in Hispanics. The division of 2000 was Hispanic, 69.8%; white - 20.7%; 4.1% black; Asians - 3.4% and others - 2.0%. Mexico (71.7%) and El Salvador (8.4%) were the most common births of 36.7% of people born abroad, and Los Angeles. In 2000, the average age of the inhabitants was 28 years old, which was considered to be young and urban. 2000 Tenants occupy 29.2% of the housing stock, and houses and homes - 70.8%. Average life expectancy in Los Angeles is 3.6 people. The percentage of married women (55.5%) is one of the highest in the district. There were 3,607 veterans in Los Angeles, or 7.7% of the population.

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