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Mattress Store in Studio City

The Aqueduct construction in Los Angeles began in 1908 and the water reached the San Fernando Valley in 1913. In November. The real estate grew rapidly, and the Los Angeles Times Commercial Director Harry Chandler led the syndicate with Hobart Johnston's Wheatley, Isaac Van Nice, and James Bonnie Lancershim, earning the remaining 47,500 acres (192 km2) west of the former Missionary Lands. From the borders of Lanckshim and the south of the modern Roscoe hill, with the exception of Rancho Encino. Wheatley has built a modern Studio City website, part of the existing Lankershim town, as well as eastern part of the new acquisition. In 1927, McCannet began building a 20-star new studio by the developer. The studio district was a studio town.

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