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Mattress Store in South Pasadena

The original buildings of Rancho San Pasqual were built on the land, which eventually became the cities of Pasadena, South Pasadena and Altadena. The first of these artistic structures became the main Flores and his headquarters in 1847, where they agreed to surrender to American forces by putting an end to the Mexican colonial rule in California. 1875 Landowners in that area, including contemporary Pasadena and South Pasadena, voted for their name to be renamed in Pasadena. The first mayor of South Pasadena was Donald Muller Graham. 1888 In February, members of the southern Pasadena tried to have greater control over their possessions and decided to include it. In 1888, South Pasadena moved to the southern part of Indiana and landed south and east at the Los Angeles border. Little Tongwa has a country. 1888 On March 2, the city of South Pasadena was included in the population of more than 500 inhabitants, becoming the sixth city hall of the Los Angeles County. He has rented approximately the same area as the current South Pasadena, about 3.42 square miles (8.9 square kilometers). Thanks to the creation of the Pacific Electric Short Line, the entire city is near the red car park, South Pasadena has become one of Los Angeles's first suburbs.

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