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Mattress Store in San Marino

The city celebrates its centenary in 2013, including the 100th anniversary of Elizabeth Pomero's book, a historic company of San Marino with a 268-page archive. 2014 year In September, this book and author Elizabeth Pomero received a prestigious award for history in the field of leadership from the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH). Early in the history of San Marino was originally a Tongwa Indian Village (Gabrieleno), located at the place where Hantington's school is located. The area was part of the mission of San Gabriel. (The Old Mill was a Missouri factory). The main sites of San Marino were included in 1838, 128 thousand. The Mexican Land Grant, which belongs to Gabrielia's Indian Beltourt Reid. (After his first spouse, Gabrieleno died from Tchaikh in 1836, and in 1837 re-healed Scottish Hugo Ridge). He called for the property of Rwanda's Huerta de Cuati. After the death of Hugo Reid in 1848, Senor Reed sold his farm in 1854 to Don Benito Wilson, the first Englishman of Rancho San Pascual. 1873 Don Benito's uncle, James DeBart Shorby, gave Raupho Heretta de Cuatto 500 hectares (2.0 km2), which he called Shorobor after the plantation of the San Marino grandfather, which, in turn, was in honor of the Republic of San Marino, Italian peninsula in Europe.

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