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The Los Angeles River begins between Calabasas (Arroyo Calabasas) and Bell Creek (Escorpion Creek) streams, Canoga Park High School and Owensmouth Avenue. (North of Vanoven street) in the Canoe Park. The origins of these layers are located in the Santa Monica Valley of Calabasia, hidden hills of Smithy Hill, in the field of Santa's Susanna Field Laboratory and at the Santa Susana Park. The river flows east of the valley in the southern regions. One of the two open segments of the river can be found in the Sepúlveda River Basin. The Syunyats River, Tucungan, the western part of the San Gabriel, flows into the tropical recreation center Hansen, on the lake's roof, and then passes through. It flows to the south of the Verdugo mountains, through the eastern fringe communities, in the city of Stuart. Other prominent river tributaries include Dayton Creek, Caballero Creek, Bull Creek, Pacoima Wash, and Verdugo Wash. The height of the sea floor differs from the sea level approximately 120 meters to 370 meters above sea level,

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