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Mattress Store in Rosemead

During the colonial era of Spain, now called Rosemed, it is the land under the control of San Gabriel's mission. 1833 According to a law regulating the Mexican government, the past land belonging to the mission was distributed to private individuals demanding that they build houses and animals which mark the end of the mission after the Mexican-American war. and 1848 The signing of the Guadalupe agreement, which is currently in the state of California, has transferred sovereignty to the United States, the Anglo-American immigration has begun in the area. The southern part of Rosemead was part of the Rancho Grande Grande (Greater Pasture), originally provided by a man named Manuel Antonio, who was a "Majoromo" (overseer) mission in San Gabriel. The 4431 acres (18 km 2) farm was later transferred to Juan Matias Sanchez.

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