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Mattress Store in Reseda

Many settlements in the Los Angeles area, now known as Residue, were pre-populated by the Native Americans of the Tonvwa tribe who lived in the Los Angeles River. In 1909, Suburban Homs, which was headed by General Director General H.H. Whiteley, Harry Chandler, H. C. Otis, MH Sherman and O.F. 48,000 acres farmers who bought Brett, a $ 2,000,000 milling company. Henry E. Huntington has stretched out of the Pacific Railway ("Red Machines") in its valley in Oceanomo (now Canoga Park). The Prigorodny Dome Company has developed a road construction project for Van Nuys, Reziden (Marian) and Cannes Parks (Owensmouth). In 1915, rural areas were attached to Los Angeles. On April 2, 1915, Wheatley acquired Zagorodny Dom, a full control over the completion of construction.

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