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Mattress Store in Porter Ranch

1990-2000 At Rancho Porto, which included the Renaissance Summit, a new housing construction was finally completed in Los Angeles in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with controversy and politics. Current residents of Rancho Porte are worried by traffic growth, which is expected to be built for the construction of a new residential building. The events were also criticized for destroying the natural beauty of the bush, and the areas populated by the area before building. Nevertheless, Shapell Homes, a Los Angeles-based major builder, Nathan Meulle, has set up an influential politician in Los Angeles to support the construction of a new home. Alison Canyon Bridge In the late 80s, an attempt was made to connect Cesson Bullionia, who crossed the northern quarter of the road to her colleague, Alison Kyononov, also called Cesson, on the bridge, which can be called simply "Alice Canyon Bridge." This program has never been implemented because the residents of Rancho Porte, the main opponents of the bridge, who believed that joining the neighboring road to the gorge would lead to "crime ... brutal race and drug trafficking." Residents also feared that Cesnon would become an "alternative route 118", which would "send a lot of things through the Porter Ranch."

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