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Mattress Store in Playa Vista

In 1839 the land was part of Rancho La Ballon, and later in 1887, it became part of the port of Ballona. Ballon Creek Watershed Prior to becoming a Hughes Aircraft Company headquarters, many of the land occupied by Playa Vista were cattle, which are located in a large salt marsh where Marina del Rey is located. These wetlands have previously been part of the larger watersheds of Ballona Creek, which occupy those territories, now called Plasí del Rey, and most of Venice, Los Angeles. Howard Hughes - Spruce Goose In the 1940s Howard Hughes purchased his site and built his own airport at Hughes Airport and built a large airplane factory for the production of Hughes Aircraft. The famous clay geese (Hughes H-4 Hercules), which has the largest wing and height in history, has been built in the Hangar and then moved to Long Beach Snack Store in 1947.

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