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Mattress Store in Picfair Village

The main street of the "Villages" Pico Boulevard between Fairfax and Hauser, dotted with cafes, restaurants and boutiques. The southern part of the Picasso and the northern part of Saturn Street consist of two houses and four houses. In the south of Pickford, they are generally one common residential building. Northern and Southern streets are usually full-fledged landscapes (5000-6000 sq. Ft.) And the eastern / western streets are usually small land plots. Picfair Village was named Picfair Cinema, which stood at the corner of Pico and Fairfax Street in the early 1980's. At first, it was announced "New Wilshire ... a great place for a home", now called Picfair Village, 1922. Built in the "Santa Monica" land and water project, it was called Pico Boulevard Heights. They offered a selection of lots on Gennesi Street, starting at $ 1,250.

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