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Mattress Store in Panorama City

In its history, Panorama City once lived with General Motors, the largest factory in the world. Today, the Van Nook Design Factory has been replaced by the Big Trade Center called The Plant, which includes shops and restaurants such as Regency, Ross, R's, Home Depot, in its hometown, lips pizza, In-N. - But Burger, Starbucks Coffee and more. Panorama City includes north of North Hills, Arleetta in the east, Sun Valley in the east, South Valley in the South East, Van Knys in the southwest, and West North Hills. The community is mostly a community - a mixture of single families and low-dwelling buildings. 2010 According to the US Census, 69,817 residents were counted in the city's 91,402 postal code. The average age was 30.1 years, and the average annual income for that period was $ 41,467.

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