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Mattress Store in Palms

According to Culver City History, Julia Lugo Serra The work has been published for the Kille Integrated School. "The family tradition indicates that Agustin was chosen because he was traveling from his fastest horse to the morning to the Plaza de Rai hills at night requiring Rancho La Ballona or Paso de las Carretas. It stretched towards the Piccola Boulevard (adjacent to Rancho San Vicente and Santa Monica) and to the point that we know as a Boulevard Inc, where Rancho Rincón de los Buejes has begun. Agustin Machado died in 1865, in the same year the La Balonne School was built to serve all the little children in the Ballona school. 1871 At the intersection Ignacio Sáenz founded a store shop, which later became a boulevard in Washington and Overland Avenue. (The three corners of this intersection are in the town of Kulser, one in Palma). The store, which also stopped between Los Angeles and the ocean, was also located in the first post office of the district.

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