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Mattress Store in Pacoima

1966 In the final 48-page urban planning report, Pacoima's central business district has been criticized at Van Nuys Boulevard as a "chaotic, surface commercial exploitation" ... from the bank to hamburgers, including the number of unusually small businesses and service stores. The Los Angeles Times article mentions that the physical picture of this area was "somewhat shocking." The council advised the creation of smaller public trade centers. It was noted in the article that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Pakistani Chamber of Commerce will address this proposal and that the Chamber will operate in the Louvre Kanye lake and the Council has criticized the absence of emergency rooms or unoccupied parking lots and shops windows to deepen the trade zones around the Van Nouvea beach. The report also advised that the deal would be signed by centers beyond the Laurel Canyon-Van Nuys trade axis. The article states that some parts of the Laurel Canyon were "in bad condition" and that "clear minimum" borders and sidewalks were. The report urges to create a community center which, according to the article, "will give Pacoime a certain degree of unity." According to the authors of the article, most of the settlements in Pasoima were "old". The article points out that many homes and lands, especially in R-2 duplex zones, show signs of "negligence". The report notes that the range of households "was too narrow for this size community." The report also notes that this fact has a negative impact on the community, which is reflected in the lack of purchasing capacity. The report added: "The maintenance of a non-standard home is widespread and is restricted in some areas to a complete disregard." The report recommends placing additional apartments at the Pacoima Center, the Los Angeles Times report says that this proposal "exceeded the flood of San Fernando Valley for 28 years in the presence of sufficient number of multi-zone zones."

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