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Mattress Store in Oak Park

Eco Park, BC From 5500 has occupied people. in our days. It is located in the river, including Millington and the early horizons of Chumas Indians. The Indians were camping around the area, gathering oaks, peaches and other foods. Large villages, small camps and several stone shelters are located in the area. The people of Chum have lived for thousands of years in Europe. They lived through trade, gathering and hunting. Shumash was originally settled in Oak Park because of natural resources, including freshwater, oak and rabbit hunting. This is one of the oldest places in California. Oak Park was originally a part of the Sina Range, which in 1795 left Alta-California a Spanish land founded in 1795 by Santa Barbara's soldier Francisco Patricio Pico and Miguel Picot, the Spanish government. Lindero Canyon Road follows the land grant to the western border (Spanish idiosphere).

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