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Mattress Store in Northeast Los Angeles

The same study revealed the following seven areas, including North-East Los Angeles. Other regions of the region. The 2000 census in the north-east of Los Angeles had an area of 17,76 square miles (176,774 people), which was 9,757 people per square mile. The densest area was the Dutch garden, and the heaviest was the mountain of Washington. About 54% of the region's residents live in leasing units, and 46% are in the ownership of the owner. Highland Park was the highest paid quarter, and Eagle Rock was the lowest. The last district also had the oldest resident, and the Cypriot park was the smallest. Eagle Rock was also the richest district, and the Cypress Park was the poorest. Eagle Rock was the largest percentage of 4-year-olds, and Cypress Park was the lowest percentage.

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