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Mattress Store in North Hollywood

Neighborhood was considered "moderate diverse" ethically in Los Angeles. The mistake was Hispanic, 57.7%; white - 27%; Asian - 5.7%; black 5.6%; etc: Mexico (43.2%) and Salvador (16%) were the most common births 46.4% of people born abroad, which is a high indicator for Los Angeles. The percentage of unmarried men and never-born women was the highest in the district. In 2008, the average annual household income was $ 42,791, which is considered to be the average city, but lower for the region. The percentage of households that earned $ 40,000 or less for the region was high. The tenants occupy 75.4% of the housing stock, and the owners of apartments or flats - 24.6%. North Hollywood is bordered by the Sun Valley to the north, and to the north-east and east to Burbank. Swimming Toluca is bordered by North Hollywood south-east and south, and Studio City is south-west. It is located in the Valley of the Village and in the west of the Gland Valley.

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