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Mattress Store in Monterey Park

After the Civil War, Italian Alessandro Repetto bought a farm of 5,000 acres (20 kilometers) and built its farm on a hill overlooking the ground, about half a mile away from where Garfield was crossed to Pomona. Motorway near Edison substation, now on Garfield Avenue. It was then that Richard Garvey, a US Army postman, whose route crossed by the Montreal highway, is now called Garvin Avenue, located at Kings Hills. Garvey began exploring the land, presenting spring water from the Hondo River and building a 16-meter high-grade mausoleum for Lake Harvey where Garvey Ranch Park is located. To pay for his development and previous debts, Garvey began to sell some of his possessions. In 1906, the first division in the region, Ramon Acres (called the developer's daughter, which later inspired Ramon's novel) was built north of Harvah and east of Garfield.

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