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mattress store in monrovia

Young people prefer more rigid mattresses. Older people prefer soft and elastic mattresses.

Remember to follow the weight of your body

Of course, it does not only depend on age but also on your weight. The mattresses are marked with the symbols T1 - T4. What exactly these symbols mean you read in the article: Hardness Mattress or Symbols T1, T2, T3. What they mean?

Symbol Hardness markingFor people with weight T1 soft mattress up to 60 kgT2 medium soft mattress from 50 to 80 kgT3 center hard mattress 70 to 110 kgT4 hard mattress 110 kg

When there is no time, try the mattress guide online

Rather, this option is considered to be an emergency, as the choice of mattress should be assisted by an experienced dealer who is also ideally equipped with the results of a computerized mattress suitability measurement.

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