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Mattress Store in Mission Hills

The community is called after Spain's San Fernando Ray de España (1784) mission. It includes Andre Pico Adobe, the second oldest living in Los Angeles. The nearby cemetery of San Fernando is one of the oldest active cemeteries in the San Fernando Valley. 2010 The United States Census has 18,496 residents in 9,1345 territorial postal codes. The average age was 36.3 years, and the average annual income was 62.426 dollars. 2009 Los Angeles Times "Mapping LA" presented the following numbers for the Mission Hills community. Population: 18,237 people; average household income of $ 75,675. Residents are divided into schools in the United District of Los Angeles. Within the Araksel Hills there is one private school, Bishop Alemani's high school, headed by the Archbishop of Los Angeles.

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