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Mattress Store in Manhattan Beach

1863 Scottish immigrant Robert Brett acquired the heirs of Avila Rancho Suusala Redondo and Rancho Aguac de la Santiel for $ 33,000. Ten years later, in 1873, Bennett leased furniture to Canada's Daniel Fryman (not to American Daniel Fryman, who filed the first suit in accordance with the Homestead Act of 1862). Bornet returned to Scotland. Freeman moved his wife and three children to the farm and began to grow in a variety of crops. 1885 On May 4, Fryman bought a farm from Burnett for 140,000 dollars. George Peck owned many lands, which became part of the northern part of Lake Manhattan. The coin decided to name the city. In 1902, the suburban suburb was named Manhattan, in honor of Stuart Merrill, a developer of the New York Manhattan district. In 1927, the "post" was added by the mayor's decree.

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