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Mattress Store in Little Armenia

The name comes from a large number of Armenian Americans living in that area, as well as from many Armenian shops and businesses already opened in the region in the early 1970s. St. The Armenian Apostolic Church of Karapet is the Armenian Church located in Small Armenia. St. Karapet Church is a place of worship for the overwhelming majority of Armenians living in Hollywood. It is located on Alexander Avenue and was built in 1978. The church is located opposite the Armenian school. Roses and Alex Philip. The Los Angeles Centenology Church's main branch was in Asia Minor, the West Bloom. Since 1977, Calalina and L. Between Rhomb Habble streets. In 1996, former N. A small part of Berdeni street was renamed L. On the way to Rhomb Habber. The only park in Little Armenia is Barnsdall Art Park, which includes Hollyhock House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and 1919-1921. Built in Art Center of the city. The small but beautiful garden at Olivia Hill was donated to Los Angeles by Alin Barrdali.

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