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Mattress Store in Lake Balboa

Neighborhood was considered "very diverse", ethically in Los Angeles. The noise was white, 49%; Latin - 34.1%; Asians - 8.8%; black - 3.5%; and others - 4.6%. Mexico (26%) and El Salvador (14.8%) were the most common births of 31.8% of people born abroad, with a high percentage in Los Angeles. In 2008, the average annual household income amounted to $ 65,336, which is considered as average and urban. The tenants occupy 34.1% of the housing stock, and the owners of apartments or flats - 65.9%. During the year, the percentage of households from 40,000 to 125,000 US dollars was high. 2007 On November 2, the Los Angeles City Council approved the vast majority of Van Nuys to rename Balbo. New borders - these new boundaries were a compromise plan developed by Los Angeles Council members Greig Smith (CD12) and Tony Cardenas (CD6), who spent Van Nuys Airport and mostly industrial area north from Satika Street to Van Nyus.

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