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Mattress Store in La Canada Flintridge

The whole city is often referred to as "La Cañada" or rarely to "Finland". The city's full name does not exist for the unity of the two communities that have become one. Forbes 2015 La Cañada Flintridge is the 121st most expensive city in the United States. La Cañada Flintridge is 34 ° 12'28 "118 ° 12'25" e / 34.202121 ° N 118.206979 ° w. / 34.207721; -118.206979. The city is located in the Cilicia valley and the western end of the San Gabriel valley. It is located in the mountains of San Gabriel and in the north of the National Forest of the Andalucia and between the South-San Raphael Mountains. Most of the city flows from the south-east to the Pasadena Arroyo Sacon, but the western part of the city (usually towards the Alta Canadian Way) flows to Glendale, the Gorge of Verdugu. Both infections are associated with the Los Angeles River in the center of Los Angeles. It is built of Angel Ridge, San Rafélez and medieval gorge.

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