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Mattress Store in Koreatown

Coreatown is the most populated area in the Los Angeles area with its population of 120,000 population of 2.7 square miles (7.0 km2). Despite the fact that the traditional ethnic enclave emerges, the community is complex and has an impact on areas beyond the traditional boundaries. While the neighborhood culture is historically aimed at Korean immigrant populations, Korean business owners have reinforced ties with the Latin American community. The community is very diverse on nationalism. Half of the residents are Hispanic and the third is the Asians. Two-thirds of the residents were born outside of the US, which is higher than the rest of the city. .mw-parser-output.toclimit-2.toclevel-1 ul, .mw-parser-output.toclimit-3.toclevel-2 ul, .mw-parser-output.toclimit-4.toclevel-3 ul, .mw - parser-output.toclimit-5.toclevel-4 ul, .mw-parser-output.toclimit-6.toclevel-5 ul, .mw-parser-output.toclimit-7.toclevel -6 ul {display: none} in the 1900s

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