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Mattress Store in Highland Park

In 2008, the average incomes in dollars amounted to $ 45,478, which is average in Los Angeles, and a large percentage of households are $ 40,000 or less. For Los Angeles, the average family size of 3.3 people is high. The tenants occupy 60.9% of the housing units and the remaining owners of houses or apartments. The percentage of married men was one of the highest in the district. 2000 As a result of the census, 2270 families were identified, headed by single parents, which is a high indicator for both the city and the region. 2000 There were 1942 military or 4.9%, which is lower for Los Angeles. Highland Park is a ski area in Los Angeles, located along the San Rafael Mountains and Arroyo Seco. It is located in the Spanish and Mexican era of San Rafael ranch. Its borders are roughly equal to the South-East Arroyo Seco Boulevard (California Route 110), Pasadena city's north-east, Oak Grove Drive north and 51 West to the west. The main highways include the York Boulevard and the Figueroa street.

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