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Mattress Store in Hermosa Beach

The straight road to Strand lies on the Hermos Beach, southwest of Torrance Beach, about 20 miles from Santa Monica. Hermosa Beach Pier is at the end of Pier Avenue, which is one of the main shopping, restaurants and party areas of the beach community. Hermos Beach was originally part of the Spanish Land Resources Rancho San Pedro grant, which later became the 16-kilometer ocean front of Rancho Sausal Redondo. In 1900, 1500 acres of space (6.1 km 2) were purchased from AE for $ 35. Pomroy, who owns most Sausal Redondo farms. Mr. Berberian and Baker, agents bought the land for Sherman and Clark, who organized and maintained a controlling share of the land and water companies in the Hermosa Beach. In the early days of Hermos Beach, as in many neighboring towns (Inglewood, Lawndale, Torrance), it was a huge rock in the mountains covered with grain fields, mostly barley. In some ways of the year, large flocks of sheep fed in this soil, and Hermosa and Ingrown Farm have pens and large tiles for grain storage, as well as horses and agricultural equipment shelters. Spanish words Rancho Sausal Redondo means a large cattle grazing field.

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