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Mattress Store in Hawthorne

Century Freeway (Glendale Anderson Highway, I-105) crosses the Hawthorne northern border and LACMTA Green Line passes through the Century Motorway. San Diego Motorway (I-405) crosses the western border of Hawthorne. The main east-western streets of Hautnithi include Rosentrance Avenue, El Saloono Avenue and Imperial Highway. The main north-south streets include the Aviation Bloc, Inglewood Avenue, Hawthorne Boulevard, Prairie Avenue, Crenshaw Avenue, and Van Ness Avenue. Hawthorne is five miles from the Los Angeles International Airport (8 km). Hawthorne includes postal codes 90250 and 90251. It is in Chapter 310, except for a small part of the North East Hawthorne, which is found in chapter 323. Clima Havant, like the rest of the Los Angeles basin, is famous for its Mediterranean climate.

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