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Mattress Store in Hancock Park

Hancock Park activists have also played an important role in the 1986 Games. Congress blocking the blockade. Under the sponsorship of Congressman Henry Waksman, the ban prevented the installation of the Metro Red Line near Wilshire Boulevard. According to Los Angeles's Los Angeles Design Map, Hankok Park is surrounded by Hollywood's North, in the east of Mount Holmont and on Windmor Square, in South-West Coronado, in the South and South West in Middle Wilshire and in the West at Fairfax. The borders of the border are Melrose Avenue in the north, Arnde Lake in the east, Wilshire Boulevard in the southwest, and West La Brian Avenue. Surroundings are surrounded by Wilshire Country Club. As of 2007, Hancock Park Homeowners Association had about 1,200 homes on Melrose Avenue, on both sides of Wilshire Boulevard and Highland and Roscommon.

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