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Mattress Store in Griffith Park

Griffith was convicted of beating and harassing his wife during the events of 1903. When he was released from prison, he tried to fund an amphitheater, observatory, platinerium, camp for girls and boys in the park. However, his reputation in the city disappeared because of his crime, and the city refused to pay his money. Griffith Park Airport 1912 Griffith has donated 100 hectares (40 hectares) to the north-eastern corner of the Los Angeles River to "do something for further aviation". The result was Griffith Park Airfield. It used aviation pioneers, such as Glendale. Martin and Shilter Christoffersen, and the airport entered the National Guard Air Service. The air operations continued at 600 meters (up to 600 meters) before the shutdown, particularly due to the threat of the Grand Central Station on the Glendale River, as well as the fact that the Urban Planning Commission complained about the military airport violated the terms of the Griftis case : The National Guard team moved to Van Nuys and the airport was demolished, although the era and the tower were left for many years. From 1946 to the mid-1950s, Roger Young's village occupied the airport area. Today, this site occupies the Los Angeles Zoo Station, the Gina Autry Museum of Western Heritage, football fields, and the Golden Route and the Ventura Highway. Expansion:

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