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Mattress Store in East Hollywood

In 1916, the steel magnate donated to Andrew Carnegie for the construction of the Santa Monica southern Kawwell branch of the Los Angeles Public Library in Bulgaria. In the early 1920's, Barnssel Park was built. The 1920s were also the period of mass immigration in East Hollywood. Armenian refugees have created a community called "Small Armenia". The southern branch of the University of California, which requires more space, moved Westwood's west to the West in the late 1920's and became UCLA. The old building of the South Branch became Junior College of Los Angeles, which was later renamed the Los Angeles Municipal College. In 1930, the Lebanese Cedars were founded when Caspare Cohn moved from East Los Angeles to a new building on Funch Avenue and was renamed. The US 101, Hollywood Highway, was built in 1947-1949.

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