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Mattress Store in Culver City

Modern history An archeological testimony proves the human presence in the territory of modern Culver City, BC. at least 8000. This region was the native of Tongva Gabrielino. The city was founded mainly in the former Rancho La Ballona, Rancho Rincón de los Buejes and Rancho La Cienega o Paso de la Tizhera. Camp Latham in 1861 During the American Civil War, Camp Lamam was founded by 1st Caliph. Colonel James H. Under the command of Carlton and 1 Commander of the California State Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin F. Under the command of Davis. Senator Milton S. Californian This camp named Latham became the first training camp of the Union Forces and Southern California. It is located in the north of Rancho La Ballon, in the southern part of Billo Creek, at the crossroads of Jefferson and Overland Boulevard. The mail was later moved to Drum Camp, which became Drum Rams. Culver City Harry Culver first tried to create Culver City in 1913. The city was incorporated in 1917. September 20. (His first advertisement "All roads lead to Culver City", which shows the main transportation route of the city).

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