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At its peak, it was one of the largest Japanese settlements in California, where about 8,000 lived in 1970 and 700 students in Dai-ichi Gakuen. From the 1970s, Japanese Americans began to diminish in size, and the Japanese American business began to emerge. Scott Shibya Brown said that "some say that" the impact is a delayed reaction "in 1965. Watt disturbances, and that "some residents say that a wave of anti-Japanese-American sentiment has emerged on the territory." In 1993, Los Angeles Times cited eighty-year-old Jimmy Jake, who said it was largely due to the fact that the residents abandoned universities. In 1980 there were 4000 Japanese ethnic residents, half of the same size. In 1990, 2,500 Japanese, mostly elderly residents, lived in Japan. In 1993 the community was exaggerated in size. The old Japanese survived and the young men left. This year, Dai-ichi Gakuena had 15 students. Recently, a new generation of Japanese Americans has turned around. Emergency service

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