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Mattress Store in Chinatown

There are two schools and libraries in China, as well as a city park and state park. Many films have been shot in the area. Old Chinatown In the early 1860's, Central Pacific Railroad Co., hired thousands of Chinese men, most of whom came from the southern Chinese province of Guandun to work in the western part of the first Transcaucasian railway. Many of them settled in Los Angeles. 1871 Nearly 500 white men killed 19 Chinese men and boys in one of the most horrific cases of racial violence in the American West. This incident became known as "1871". Massacre? " The first Chinatown, centered at Alameda and Macy (now Cesar Chavez Avenue), was founded in 1880. From 1890 to 1910, China reached its peak about fifteen streets and lines containing about two hundred buildings. It boasted Chinese opera house, three temples, newspapers and telephones. However, most Chinese citizens and property prohibitions, as well as immigration restrictions, hindered further growth.

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