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Mattress Store in Chatsworth

Overall, Chatsworth has one of the weakest incarnations in all parts of the city and a relatively high level of income. Chatsworth is the home of 500 Acres Cinema Iverson Ranch, the most promising landmark in history since it used more than 2000 products as a place to shoot. 2000 In the United States, the population census was 35,073, in Chatsworth - 15,24 square meters. Miles or 2301 people. To: Miles, one of the highest levels of the population, both in the city and in the region. According to the city's estimates, in 2008 the population grew to 37,102 people. In 2000, the average age of the inhabitants was 40 years old and was considered old for urban and rural areas. The percentage of people over the age of 35 was one of the highest in the region. The neighborhood was considered ethically "moderately versatile" for Los Angeles and its neighborhood, which is relatively high in the White and Asian peoples as well as the Latin American community of Latin America. The accident was White, 65.7%; Asians - 14.4%; Latin - 13.5%; Black - 2.2%; and others - 4.2%. The most common births in Korea (10.4%) and in the Philippines (9.3%) were 25.2% of people born abroad, which is lower for Los Angeles.

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