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Mattress Store in Canoga Park

From 1797 to 1846, this area was part of the mission of the San Fernando Ray de Espana (Mission to San Fernando). After Spain's Independence Mexican war, the Canogue of the future park became part of the former mission of Rancho San Fernando. 1845 Pio Pico, the governor of the region, has given a land grant to one of the three historically wealthy Rancho El Escortioni three Chumashi Odo Essebios, his son Urbano and Urbano Mangelli. It is located on the western part of Falbroco Avenue and then called Rancho Plata. American History in 1863 The San Fernando Islands Association, led by Isaac Lankershim and Isaac Van Nitsi, acquired the southern half of the historic San Fernando Valley. They organized seven wheat surgeries and first sent the wheat to Europe to California. In 1869, Alfred Estman purchased a Western farm, with 13,000 hectares of wheat (50 sq. Km) in Canoga Park in the future (below). Eucalyptus trees were brought in the Valley of San Fernando, by Albert Estman, who planted and planted from his native Australia, planted on the Workman Farm. Over time, they were distributed among the cattle, farmers, and not just in the Canoa Park. It is said that these trees are the parents of all the Eucalyptus trees in Southern California.

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