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Mattress Store in Brentwood

Local traditions include the annual bodybuilding of the trees of the San Vicente Bulgaria with festive lights and is placed every year at the school's school meadows, continuing the installation of the Eastern Star House. This building was created for the Mar Vista Recreation Center, which was built in 1974. Chinatown has a key scene. The 1961 Brentwood-Bel-Air fire broke out in 1961. On November 6, a group of construction workers working in Sherman Oaks, north of Brentwood, on the opposite side of Santa Monica, noticed a noise in ward and lateral garbage. In a few moments of the wind, Santa's mother sent a burning brush at 100 miles per hour (100 km / h) and climbs to Brentwood. More than 300 police officers assisted in the evacuation of 3500 people from the 12-hour shooting and about 2500 firefighters were fighting on fire to pump the water from the nearby pool to burn the fire. The fire broke out in a few days. Even when the firefighters were fighting for the Bel air crash, another fire broke out in the Santa Ines gorge. This flames contained about 10,000 acre (40 sq. Km) days and destroyed 9 buildings, burnt a mile from Miab and Bertrud.

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