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Mattress Store in Beverlygrove

ZIP codes: 90046 and 90048. According to the 2000 American Census, 1.65 square meters. Miles has 21,417 residents, with an average of 12,990 square meters per square meter. Moun, which is quite normal for Los Angeles. According to the city's calculations, the population in 2008 reached 22,855. The average age of the residents was at the age of 38, the city and the district were aging. The percentage of white people living in the area was 82%. 2000 Other ethnic groups were Hispanic, 6%; Asian - 5.1%; black 2%; and others - 4.9%. 36.3% of people born abroad are the most common births in Iran (20.2%) and Poland (7.4%), and the average number is the city. In 2008, the average monthly income was $ 63,039. In Los Angeles, 1.7 people had average living standards. Tenants occupy 74.8% of the housing units and the remaining owners of homes or apartments.

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