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Mattress Store in Bell Canyon

1845 Mexican Governor Pio Pico provided the Mexican Land Grant for Rancho El Escorpion called Bell Canyon at the peak and next to it. Chief Commander Chumash-Ventreegano Odon Eusebius (1795), his brother Urbano and his son, Urbano Manuel, were the Rancho Grants Grants at the request of formerly owned by San Fernando Ray de Espana (Mission San Fernando). Later, in 1851, According to the California Land Law, the US Land Commitment filed a lawsuit against Rancho escorpion in 1852 and was licensed by Odoe Esbi, Urbano and Manuel in 1876. Miguel Leonis acquired Odon Eusebius Rancho El Escorpiona and Samana in the neighboring countries of Calabasas. He used land for cattle and sheep. This use of various land users continues until Rancho, until 1959 and Bell Canyon until 1967.

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