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Mattress Store in Bel Air

4.1% of single parents' families are considered low in urban areas and regions. The percentage of Bel Air married people was one of the highest in the district - 66.0% of men and 65.7% for women. There were 808 veterans, or 12.9% of the population. Neighborhood was considered "not so special" ethically in Los Angeles, where relatively high percentage of white people. The bow was white, 83.0%; Asian - 8.2%; Latin - 4.6%; black - 0.9%; and others - 3.2%. 24.1% of people born abroad, in general, in Los Angeles, were in general Iran (26.1%) and South Africa (8.2%). The community was founded in 1923 by Alfonso Bell. Bell belongs to a farm in Santa Barbara, California, where the oil was discovered. He has bought a large cottage, now called Bel Air Road. He shared and developed the property in large residential areas, led by master's work, under the supervision of landmark architect Mark Daniels. He also built a Bel-Air beach club in Santa Monica and Bel-Air Country Club. The woman chose the streets of Italy. He also founded the Bel-Air Garden Club in 1931.

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