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Mattress Store in Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is considered "very diverse" as compared to the city in general. Ethnic fall in 2000. Hispanics - 56.6%; black - 24.5%; Asian - 12.9%; white - 4.7%; and others - 1.2%. The most common births were Mexico (34.9%) and El Salvador (20.2%), with 49.8% of the population born abroad, which is considered to be a high indicator compared with foreigners residing in all cities. In 2008, the average incomes in dollars amounted to $ 31,421, which is considered to be a lower city and district. The percentage of households with an income of $ 20,000 or less was generally relatively high. In Los Angeles, on average, the average household size was 3. Renters occupy 81.6% of the housing units and the rest of the houses or apartments. The highest rates of nomination were never male (42.4%) and never married women (35.9%). In the census, 1165 families were identified by single parents, and 23.5% were considered the city and district.

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