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Mattress Store in Alhambra

Alhambra originally promoted the "home town" and many of its homes have historic significance. They include styles such as craftsmen, bungalows, Spanish Mediterranean, Spanish colonial, Italian art and decorative art. Seventy-six family locations have been recognized as historic sites of the city, including Bean Tract (formerly Jacob Bean's former resident), Midwick Tract (former Midwick Public Club Website), Airport Tractor (formerly Alhambra Airport Landing Platform) and Park There are also a number of condominiums, rental apartments and multifunctional residential / commercial buildings, especially in the city center. Albrecht's main business district, at the intersection of Main and Garfield Streets, is a trade center since 1895. In the 1950s he acquired a superior look and went to the "venue" in the valley of San Gabriel. Though many of the classic historic buildings have collapsed over the years, the restoration of the main street has resulted in many restaurants, shops and entertainment. Alhambra lives on the wave of new immigrants, from the 1950s to the Italians, the Mexican in the 1960s, and the Chinese to the 1980s. As a result, a very active Chinese business circle, including Chinese supermarkets, restaurants, shops, banks, realtors and medical offices has emerged on the beach in Wenning. The Valley Boulevard corridor has become a national hub for most Asian-owned banks and there are other nationally recognized retailers.

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