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Mattress in Westwood

In 2008, the average US dollar earnings amounted to $ 68,716, which is a high figure for Los Angeles. For Los Angeles, the percentage of households earning a year or more or 20,000 or more are high. In Los Angeles, the average life expectancy of two people was low. The tenants occupy 64.1% of the housing stock, and 35.9% of their homes or homes. The percentage of married men and women was highest in the region. In 2000, there were 309 families left alone by parents, which is low for the city. 5% of the population serves in the army, which is low for both urban and regional. Situation on Westwood's Neighborhood Council, Westwood House Owners' Association, and Los Angeles Times Mapping LA Project, Westwood Street and other destinations are located in Sunset Boulevard in the North. east, Beverly Hills city limits (including Los Angeles Country Club); South, Olympic Boulevard; and western San Diego highway (except for the federal territory of the Veterans Administration).

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