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Mattress in Westchester

In the late 1930's, real estate magnate Fries Burns and his partner, Fred W., Marlowu created a one-time family homeowner parcel on the site of a former pig farm at the intersection of Manchester and Supervova Streets. This community, called Westchester, has grown on flights and borders when the aviation industry flourished during and after World War II. The Los Angeles Times, 1989 Published, this program described as "an uninhabited suburb", "created a desire in the 1940s." The territory was mostly inhabited. 30,000 people have been living in the area, but there is still no police station, firefighter or hospital. Even in 1949 there was no helmet. In the 1960s, the aircraft discovered that they could fly in the Pacific without charging, which led to a significant increase in air traffic in Los Angeles. When the North Airport complex was built, the noise rising from the reactive vacuum significantly diminished the wish of LAX adjacent settlements. In response, the city of Los Angeles began to buy a house and to condemn the noisy locks. As a result, several streets were removed from the airport and the streets of these streets were destroyed. In total, Westchester has lost 4500 homes and 14,000 residents. Westchester's 18 gray golf course has become 15 holes. In 2007, the Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA) proposed another part of Westchester's northern runway - the local resistance to LAX expansion (first, in the late 1990s).

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