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Mattress in West Los Angeles

The western and eastern parts form part of the official area of the West Los Angeles community. In 2003, the Los Angeles Times correspondent said: The meaning of "Western Los Angeles" is very different. Some use it to describe all Westside, including Santa Monica, Venice, and the East to the West. More precisely, it's part of a united Los Angeles on the western edge of the Santa Monica border, north of the Wilshire Boulevard, on the east of the Century City and on the National Hill, a little south-east. West Los Angeles is headquartered in the fashionable Cheviot Hills downtown Bundy Drive. This report on the value of West Los Angeles also included Rancho Park and Udaidian-Trujdal, near the National Hill and Barrington Avenue. This definition is the same as used by Frommer, describing West Los Angeles as a label that usually refers to something that does not apply to other Western districts. This is mainly from Santa Monica south of Bulgaria, north of Venice Avenue, Santa Monica and Venice east, as well as west and south of Century City. ":

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