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Mattress in Venice

Tourists, mostly from Los Angeles and Santa Monica, were "red car" on the Pacific Electric Railway, and the vanesian miniature railroad and gondola traveled the city. The biggest attraction was the gentle ruined beach of Venice. Rented apartments and household tents were available. The population (3,119 in 1910) soon exceeded 10,000. The city has gathered from 50,000 to 150,000 tourists on weekends. Pier's Entertainment: Women's sights became more fun in 1910, when the Venetian Miniature Railway, Aquarium, Virginia, Knut, Racing Derby and other attractions and gaming boutiques. How many business streets have been allocated to one street only three streets and the city hall, more than one and a half kilometers away, other competitive business districts have emerged. Unfortunately, this has created a fierce political climate. Cheney, however, controlled the iron hand and controlled everything under control. When in 1920, In November, Venice became more difficult to control. Due to the fact that the entertainment play lasted six weeks in December 1920 and the ban (which started in January of last year), the urban tax revenues seriously suffered.

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