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Mattress in Tujunga

1960s Sunland Tudjung Chamber of Commerce was actively opposed to the construction of the Foothill highway through Shadow Hills, claiming that the "rural climate" of the district would be destroyed and 28 houses were destroyed. After years of debate and postponement, in 1981, On April 3, the head of the State Duma Transportation Department, Adriana Ganturco, was appointed the last high-speed motorway, 48.6 kilometers from Sandland-Tujung. The conventions in Sandland and Toujj are west to east, on the beach of Sansland, on the La Tuna Canyon Road and on the Louvre Avenue (with La Crescent). The road almost completely overwhelms the main part of the community and passes through the Verdougou Mountain Viaduct. Today there is a major highway, Foothills Boulevard, in the immediate area. Almost all Sunland-Tujunga businesses are located near or near Foothill Boulevard. Tudjung Canyon Boulevard is a North-South route, but mostly inhabited. Sunland Boulevard and Wentworth Street are renowned panoramic surface streets that connect the community with the Sun Valley and the rest of Los Angeles. Sunland-Tujunga also serves by the Interstate 210.

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