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Mattress in Toluca Lake

The Tolaka Chamber of Commerce website says that the area is not only in Los Angeles, but also in "flowing into Burbank" and "political units and others, such as the Great Tallest Mountain Neighborhood Council, on the Lake Tolcke, the House of Commerce serves in Burbank and Los Angeles and the Los Angeles City believes that its territory, called Toluca, is completely within its urban boundaries, "Mountain of the Planet Mountain" - Acre (2.4 hectares), located near the south-eastern border of the region. The historic natural lake fed by the flood waters of the Los Angeles River basins and the groundwater of the San Fernando Valley. At the end of the 19th and 20th centuries LA DWP wells and the river tower lowered the level of groundwater in the 1930s and now the lake's edges maintain the water level. The lower part of the lake is covered with four inches (102 mm) of asphalt concrete to avoid clogging. The landscape is located in Toluca Lake Owner, founded in 1934. The lake, surrounded by private houses and the Lakeside Golf Club, is not available to the public.

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